Arise Coaching and Wellbeing Artwork by MISPRINT

Fusing the digital and the organic, the spiritual and the make believe. Painterly hand drawn imagery, photography and digitally created collages, all remaining deeply rooted to nature.

Melissa Williams (the Artist MISPRINT) is  a full time freelance artist and graphic designer from beach side Carrum.

Melissa has a love for detailed organic illustration and ornamentation. She has have travelled the world, becoming more and more inspired by the amount of beautiful art different countries have to offer.

Her designs are all mixed media and use a combination of hand drawn and painted motifs, photography, collage, digital creation, and UV printing on cotton canvas and waterproof vinyl.

Huge thanks to the very talented Melissa for designing all of Arise Coaching and Wellbeing's artwork. 

Check out her Website, Facebook, Instagram and Etsy store below.