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Are you a smoker?

Have you been thinking about cutting down or quitting smoking?

Do you feel….

Continually out of breathe?

Worried about your health?

Do you crave yet simultaneously despise cigarettes?

Do you continue to ask yourself questions like;
“How can I get through today without a smoke?”
“What example am I setting for my children?” or “Can I even de-stress without it?”

Do you tell yourself that it is time to quit, but the thought of quitting terrifies you?

Let me tell you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

That's why I've put together this free e-book:

7 tips to help break the habit

In this free e-book you will learn: 

  • The secret to becoming aware 
  • Evidence that you are in control
  • The secret of your unconscious mind 
  • How to set a powerful intention 
  • Evidence that your body can heal
  • The secret to empowering thoughts 
  • Tips to help you consider your options. 

My intention for this e-book is to share with you the secrets to help prepare your unconscious mind for change so that you can easily break the habit of smoking.


Before I met Cat from Arise, I was smoking about 20-25 cigarettes per day  consistently. Since my sessions with Cat I first cut down to only 5 per day. Then I stopped completely.  The techniques used by Cat are relevant to my situation and I've lost count of the amount of cigarettes I haven't had. All of my new knowledge and strategies are thanks to Cat and her passionate and professional approach. I would highly recommend Cat, the best life coach.. 


Hi, I’m Cat Nelsson, founder of Arise Coaching and Wellbeing. I am a Life Coach and NLP , Master Hypnosis, Timeline and Reiki Practitioner. I specialise in health and wellbeing coaching, breaking the cycle of addictions and helping people overcome depression and anxiety.

I help people to overcome addictive patterns of behaviour in order to live their best life and make lasting change.

Are you ready to transform your life? 

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