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Do you feel stressed, anxious and exhausted?

Do you continue to overthink everything and get stuck thinking the same repetitive negative thoughts?  

Are you sick of taking medications that only mask your anxiety instead of resolve your anxiety?

Let me tell you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

I felt this way for years until I finally began the most important journey; INTO MYSELF

“Stress and Anxiety is a message from you unconscious mind to focus on what you want” says Tad James (NLP Practitioner and developer of Timeline Therapy). If nothing goes away until it has taught us what we need to know, I ask you to get curious – Ask yourself: What is the purpose of my stress and anxiety? What is the message my unconscious mind is trying to tell me?

Hi, I’m Cat Nelsson, founder of Arise Coaching and Wellbeing. I am a Life Coach and NLP and Timeline Practitioner. I help people to resolve stress and anxiety in order to live their best life and make lasting change.

My coaching involves:

– Gaining awareness and understanding of what stress means on an individual level,

– Clearing any limiting beliefs and negative emotions,

– Breaking through unwanted habits and patterns of negative thinking,

– Gaining control over your state in order to control your stress and anxiety

-Re-programing your unconscious mind through NLP to gain long term lasting results

-Finding purpose and living your best life.

I’ve received coaching from Cat, and it was an incredible experience as we released old fears that no longer serve me. And also created a beautiful connection with Cat as she is a warm, loving and caring soul  

– Lexi – 

 “I have found my coaching sessions with Catherine so helpful. It has given me some great tips on how to cope with COVID and also just my general well-being. I really feel coaching is the way to go when it comes to making lifestyle changes” 

– Wendy – 

Coaching from Cat has made such a difference in my life. She keeps me accountable, she’s real and helps me see things in a different way to get me out of my own way. I have achieved so much more since working with her. I’m so grateful and can’t recommend her enough! Thanks Cat! 

– Ange –

Ready to Change your life?

Click to book your free discovery call where we can unpack what’s going on for you.