Monthly Archives: March 2020

My 3 Jars

In 2018 when I wanted to quit alcohol, I set up 3 jars; ‘For Me’, ‘For Others’ and ‘For my Purpose’ (inspired by Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape). Every night when I did not drink, I put $1 into each jar. If I slipped up one night, I did not beat myself up or feel guilty, my jars just did not get fed that night. Look at my jars 6 months later!!! I used the ‘For Me’ jar to get my dreadlocks, I used the ‘For my Purpose’ jar to help me set up my coaching business and I used the money in the ‘For Others’ jar to buy food and toiletries for people accessing Community Support Frankston Homeless Services. These jars helped me to save money and were also a great incentive to keep me following my path. This concept can work for smoking or any other addiction or habit you wish to beat.