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We help people overcome depression and anxiety naturally

Overcome Anxiety and Depression Naturally

Sick of taking medications? 

Years of counselling and therapy and still not coping?

We can help! 

Are you ready to try something new?

Addiction Specialist 

Do you want to break the habit of smoking or drinking? 

We help people to break the habit and live their best life.


By making the change on an unconscious level.

Youth Coaching

Coaching for young people aged 18-25 years.

Specializing in: Resilience, Self Esteem, Goal Setting, Drug and Alcohol, Mental Health, Homelessness and Positive Mindset Coaching. 

Please note that a 20% discount rate will be applied for young people aged 12-25

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Ready to transform your life? 

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Work With Us 

Are you thinking about quitting smoking or drinking alcohol? 

Do you continue to ask yourself questions like; “How can I get through today without a smoke or a drink? What example am I setting for my children?  and can I even be happy without smoking or drinking?” 

Do you tell yourself that it’s time to quit, but the thought of quitting terrifies you? Let me tell you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. – I’ve felt like this too!

I have developed  the ARISE to Life – 5 Step Program to Break the Habit in which I share with you all the secrets to finally break unwanted habits for good.

Be The Best You

Stress, overwhelm, negative thinking  are all part of everyday life right? 

What if I told you that you have the power to control and eliminate these unhelpful thinking patterns from your life?

You have the power to live according to exactly how you desire to live and to create your very best life!

Expand your thinking! No thought is too big or too small.  Think outside the box. Quantum physics tells us that there are an infinite number of possibilities that exist, which is exciting because ANYTHING is possible. It means you have the power to create whatever you want out of life. I challenge you to stop playing small and dream big!

Coaching from Cat has made such a difference in my life. She keeps me accountable, she's real and helps me see things in a different way to get me out of my own way. I have achieved so much more since working with her. I'm so grateful and can't recommend her enough! Thanks Cat! 


Before I met Cat from Arise, I was smoking about 20-25 cigarettes per day consistently. Since my sessions with Cat I first cut down to only 5 per day. Then I stopped completely.  The techniques used by Cat are relevant to my situation and I've lost count of the amount of cigarettes I haven't had. All of my new knowledge and strategies are thanks to Cat and her passionate and professional approach. I would highly recommend Cat, the best life coach.. 


I have found my coaching sessions with Catherine so helpful. It has given me some great tips on how to cope with COVID and also just my general well-being. I really feel coaching is the way to go when it comes to making lifestyle changes.


Lexi -  I've received coaching from Cat, and it was an incredible experience as we released old fears that no longer serve me. And also created a beautiful connection with Cat as she is a warm, loving and caring soul ?


Mandy -  I came to see Cat for coaching around anxiety and stress. I found her easy to talk to and very caring. One of my standout sessions was when she used hypnosis to help to remove my stress. I felt so relaxed afterwards I couldn't believe it. I came to her feeling highly anxious and stressed and left feeling relaxed and in control. Thank you Cat I am so grateful for what we were able to achieve together.


David - I totally recommend Cat, as I have now completed 5 sessions. I honestly cannot believe the change in me over the last month. Cat totally understands me and my life challenges. She agreed to take me on and the results are truly amazing. I am very inspired by the level of commitment Cat has given to me and the determination to help me build a better future. Cat you are inspirational, extremely talented and totally committed to your Clients. Thank you. David


You do not need to do this alone.


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